"For Igor Stravinsky’s most iconic and controversial composition, I choose to focus on the promise of spring, the freshness of the new bloom, and the waking of the earth to the possibilities of new life. Delicate pink “cherry blossoms” dot the composition, like notes placed high and light with a quick staccato. The removed sections or tracks across the canvas show the colors of spring promised—greens, yellows, blues, more frantic and energetic at the bottom fading into a silvery pearlescent sky.

While the piece is primarily an ode to Stravinsky, the interpretation is a departure from the usual references to primitive sacrifice and rituals. This version is ebullient, effervescent even, because it was equally inspired by my personal experience walking the Way of St. James in Spain to Santiago de Compostela this last spring. I could not escape the profound influence of the emergent spring landscape during the 500-mile pilgrimage." - Winston Lee Mascarenhas